First Impressions is everything in a business. You need

design that will impress your customers.

Our first instinct when meeting someone new or going to a special event is to look our personal best.

We're not going to show up in a ripped shirt or dirty shoes. Why? Because we want to make a great first impression!

It's the same with design. You want your business to look its best when meeting new customers. So why shouldn't you work with a designer that will help you create that first impression. The first thing your customers will look at is your visual brand such as the logo, business card, and website. They will know if they want to work with you just by looking at those things. Which is why you need to make sure you look great to your ideal client.

I can get you to that point where the customer will be impressed by your logo and want to hire you! All it takes is a simple message to me and we can get started today!

We are a compassionate design studio offering entrepreneurs a high quality, professional, and safe adventure into branding. Our brand will show you motivating, top-notch Brand Strategies so you can learn more about your business and be thrilled about your new brand. 




Well Howdy! I'm Kristy.

Kristy N. Brown Design Studio specializes in compassionate brand identity design focused on turning businesses into thriving brands. It was established in 2018 by Kristy Brown who has over 10 years of design experience using the industry-standard adobe design suite. 

Our clients will tell you that we are professional and open-minded, we have a simple and easy process, and we understand their brand voice and target audience. 

Kristy Brown started this business to help determine entrepreneurs who are struggling with design and give them the opportunity to have a professional brand. She strives to deliver outstanding designs and motivates her ideal audience to start their branding adventure.



Yoon Lee, Art Director

"Kristy's designs truly captured the image our organization wanted to convey. The way Kristy presented her ideas was also extremely professional and all the board members were certainly impressed. ( When we asked for changes, she was very open-minded and quick. We love Kristy's artistry and professionalism."

Edgardo, Master Siding

& Construction LLC

"I am very satisfied with Kristy's work. The time frame she did the work was very fast. I would definitely recommend her!"

Angela, Content Studio

"I had a wonderful experience working with Kristy. Her process was simple and straightforward, and I really feel that she captured my brand's energy and voice. I'd definitely recommend her services to anyone!"

Branding and Web Development by Kristy Brown.


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