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Who is Kristy?

Hi! It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Kristy Brown and I am the CEO of my Kristy N. Brown Design Studio business. I'm gonna start by telling you about my background. I started designing when I was 14 years old (back in 2005). Throughout my design career, I have won 3 design awards. One of the awards I won was the 2011 Awesome 3000 Design Competition. I was probably known as the Graphic Designer at my high school since I kept winning every design award. After completing high school, I went to college and got my Associate degree with a 3.70 GPA. Even though I have completed college, I still take design courses online. I have a brand strategy certificate, Entrepreneur certificate, and currently working on a digital marketing certificate. I really true believe that we should not stop learning. Keep learning what you love and you will succeed. That includes reading books too. I don't know how many books I have read about branding, typography, and strategies. Many of the things I know is from learning on my own and teaching myself. Graphic Design is my passion, and I love creating logos and making solopreneurs happy with their new brand - which is why I go by the title, Brand Strategy and Identity Designer. 

Who are you "Behind the Scenes"?

Graphic Design is of course not my whole life. I don't sit at the computer 24/7 (well not all the time!)  So what do I do behind the scenes? Who is Kristy when she is not a Brand Designer? I am actually a sister to three siblings. 1 brother and 2 sisters. I grew up helping my family with my brother who has Autism, and still help my mother with him today. He can't read so I have to read video games, movie covers, and more for him. Helping my brother is what I do most of my days. I believe I learned my patience and compassion from helping my brother through out my life. When I was about 8 or 9 I had to stop two girls from throwing rocks at him and calling him, "retarded." It made me angry when our peers would be rude to him just because he was different. My friends would always ask me, "what is wrong with your brother?" Nobody knew what Autism was so I had to explain it to my friends at a very young age. So when I am not doing Graphic Design, I am helping my brother. I think Designing became my time for relaxation and a break from everything. Eventually, it turned into my passion which is why I am still doing it today.

Lets talk about the business.

Mission Statement: "To deliver a professional brand to small business owners while motivating them to find clarity and turn their business into a thriving brand."

Brand Values: 

COMPASSION - We bring a sense of compassion and friendliness to our customers so they can enjoy the process instead of stressing.

ADVENTUROUS - We strive to make the brand service or product feel like an adventure - a delightful, but educating process.

PROFESSIONAL - We make sure everything created for our customers are professional by using the top-notch industry standard Adobe Design Suite, and an organized design process via Asana, the project

management tool.

HONEST - We believe honesty is very important in a business and want our customers trust, so we incorporate that by sending square invoices, contracts, and always send final files in an organized shared folder via one drive.

Brand Promise: "Our excellence is your happiness"

Brand USP (Unique selling point): "Providing excellent design services until entrepreneurs are happy with their brand."

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