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Color Psychology: Choosing the right colors

I love reading about color psychology and I believe that it will help when choosing your perfect colors.

When I created colors for my design business, I went straight to my favorite color turquoise. Although turquoise is my favorite color, it also is known for recharging energy, providing protection, strength, courage, and healing emotions.

The color was the perfect choice for me because I want my clients to feel protected and happy when they work with me or first come to my site. They don’t need negative energy and deserve to be happy. Basically, turquoise is the healer for myself and clients.

I want you to be able to choose your perfect colors for your business so today I’m gonna share with you a list of color psychology to help you out.​


Great color for the mind and body. Many meditating brands use Turquoise.

Healing Emotions | Empathy | Caring | Spiritual Growth | Recharges Energy | Calmness | Protection | Strength | Excitement | Friendly | Courage | Fun | Happy | Reduces Negative Energy | Sophisticated


Hotels will use gold and any brand who wants to signify luxury and quality.

Example Brands: Chevrolet and MGM Grand.

Sophisticated | Luxury | Quality | Wealth | Valuable | Elegance | Charismatic | Success


Seen in many eco-friendly brands, but also great for representing growth, freshness, and possibilities.

Example Brands: Xbox One, Starbucks and Animal Planet.

Life | Renewal | Nature | Reassurance | Freshness | Growth | Healing Power | Safety | Stability | Trust | Wisdom | Confidence | Truth | Faith | Calmness | Possibilities | Inspiration


Great color for drawing in attention, appetites, and seen in construction. Can also help a brand appear more youthful and fun.

Example Brands: Home Depot, Nickelodeon, Fanta.

Energy | Happy | Joyful | Security | Construction | Playful | Stimulates Hunger | Adventure | Creativity | Affordable | High-Spirited | Youthful | Enthusiasm | Attraction | Success | Encouragement


Great for brands with a feminine feel or want to show sensitivity and compassion.

Example Brands: Victoria Secret, Barbie.

Calmness | Love | Tenderness | Sensitivity | Fun | Compassion | Nurturing | Empathy


Great color if you want to attract attention or create happiness and warmth.

Example Brands: McDonalds, Snapchat.

Energy | Happy | Joyful | Arouses Cheerfulness | Honor | Loyalty | Playful | Positivity


Mainly seen as the type within logos.

Calm | quiet | Corporate | Respect | Stableness | Authority | Conservative


Great color if you want to come across professional or have a brand related to nature. Chocolate companies are known to use brown too.

Example Brands: UPS and Hershey's.

Stable | Professional | Chocolate | Elegance | Nature | Woods | Richness | Natural | Construction | Calmness | Reliable | Comfortable | Motherly


Known to be used for the boldness and sophistication it gives to a brand.

Power | Sophisticated | Elegance | Mystery | Death | Fear | Formal | Boldness

10. RED

The most intense color that easily attracts attention. Gives off a strong emotion ranging from love to aggressiveness. Great for using in restaurant brands due to raising blood pressure and signifying hunger.

Example Brands: Target, Netflix, and Panda Express.

Love | Passionate | Exciting | Powerful | Blood | Determination | Energy | Strength | Aggressiveness | Danger | Attracts Attention | Stimulates Hunger | Drive | Raises Blood Pressure


Used in logos as negative space. Great to use if you want to signify cleanliness, new beginnings, or innocence.

Safety | Light | Innocence | Purity | Perfection | Cleanliness | Hope | New Beginnings | Openness | Completion | Equality | Unity


Great color to stimulate luxury and wealth. Used by businesses in education due to the ambition and drive to succeed it gives off.

Example Brands: Hallmark and Wonka

Luxury | Expensive | Fantasy | Sophisticated | Royalty | Justice | Drive | Power | Ambition | Wealth | Succeed | Creativity | Mystery | Magic | Wisdom | Dignity

13. BLUE

Can be seen used for government companies, medical and technical fields for the loyalty, confidence, and authority the color gives off.

Example Brands: Samsung, Sega, and Kaiser Permanente(medical)

Calming | Healing | Dignity | Loyalty | Trust | Confidence | Authority | Success | Relaxing | Powerful | Peace | Spirituality | Security | Dependence

Okay! I have listed 13 different colors explaining some of their qualities, psychology, and even listed example brands for most of them. I hope you were able to figure out the best colors that represent your business.

Using color psychology really helped me in figuring out my colors. Even if you're not wanting to choose colors for a brand, I think it's good to know the psychology of your favorite colors.

Please write in the comments below what colors you ended up choosing or if you have any other colors that you would like to share.

For an added bonus, I created a PDF of some color schemes in the happy, sophisticated, professional and relaxed/calm categories.

Just subscribe to my resource library so you will have access to download the pdf and other resources.


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