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40+ Irresistible Name Ideas for your Instagram Story Highlights

Are you stuck on thinking of names for your highlight stories? maybe you have some names already, but just can't think of those last two?

I so get how you're feeling!

It is not fun trying to come up with great names when your mind is blank!

In fact! Just about 2 months ago, I was at that same point. It was dreadful! I wanted my highlight stories to have clever names or at least good enough to get my viewers/followers to want to click on them.

So, I spent a few hours researching what others were using for their story names, and just looking at different icons. After a lot of thinking and researching, I can say that I am happy with the names I ended up with.

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If you're feeling like you just can't think of names or you want some ideas to help get your brain flowing, I researched 40+ different story highlight names for many different blog niches that I'm sure you will end up with all or at least a few names to help make your brainstorming process easier.

Here is the list...

Food Blog

1. Food

2. Recipes

3. Veggie


4. Beauty

5. Fashion

6. Hair

7. Style

8. Self Care

9. Outfits


10. Fitness

11. Planning

12. Journal

13. Health

14. Pilates


15. Mail (Amazon Packages)

16. Home

17. Lifestyle

18. Travel

19. Faith

20. Love

21. Wedding

22. Outdoors

23. Nature


24. Advice

25. Job Help

26. Study Tips


27. Parenting

28. Kiddos

29. Teens


30. Tech

31. Snaps

32. Photos


33. Design

34. Gaming

35. YouTube

36. Doodles

37. Biz

38. Biz Tips

39. Coaching

40. Bloopers

41. Sale


43. SEO

44. Podcast

45. Blog

46. Life Hacks

47. Nutrition

48. Legal Tips

Okay. We are done! You now have 48 ideas to get yourself thinking.

All in all, I hope you take away some or all of the names you need to get going on your story highlights! If you need help designing icons or the whole highlights design, I will be happy to help you out. Feel free to Message me your design goals and I'll send you a quote!


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Also, for your convenience, you can download a one-page pdf document of all 48 name ideas for future reference. Any time you need to look at the names you can!

Just sign up for my mailing list below to receive the password to my resource library so you can download the pdf page of all 48 insta story highlight name ideas. Plus you'll get access to all other free downloads.

Wait! Before you go comment below to let me know what names you decided with or if you have any other name ideas!

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