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How I present my clients their Logo Concepts

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Welcome to this weeks Design corner and today I am excited to talk about How I present my clients their logo concepts. Lately I been hearing others ask questions like this and I thought I would get into detail about it. I also hear the question about whether or not to add a brief description for each concept and what to actually say and I get into detail about that too. So…. if you want to know how I do all this watch the video below or just keep reading… I also have a free presentation template below =) The video shows my presentation as a screencast and I go over the template in indesign showing how to use indesign to edit or make your own presentation. If you want to learn a little about indesign watch the video below =)

Did you decide to keep reading? Awesome!

Now I understand that there are some designers who present their concepts as individual JPGs either through email or a program like Asana.

However, I feel that it is more professional and easier on the clients if the logos or designs are presented in a nice presentation created with Indesign, Keynote or powerpoint. I preferably use Indesign to create my presentations, but keynote or powerpoint work just find. (or google slides too!) I send my presentations as a PDF and upload it to Asana for my clients to easily view and comment within the Asana app.

I’ve had past clients tell me the presentations look very professional and they loved how it was easy to flip back and forth between each concept, making it easier for them to choose their favorite design/logo.

In my presentations, I also include a short description on the first slide to summarize what they told me in their client questionnaire.

I may include the three words that they used to described their brand or even their colors that they wanted me to use. This slide is just so I can clarify that we are on the same page and that my client knows what my thought process was while creating my concepts.

For each concept I also include a brief description explaining why I created the design for their brand and How I think it will work for them. Giving them a brief description can make it easier for them to decide on that final decision.

A client might find it hard to decide on only one design and having someone other than themselves explain why it works for their brand might help them decide. It is always good to have a second opinion when it comes to decisions which is why I like to include brief descriptions for my concepts.

My last slide reminds them to send me feedback in the comments.

All in all, that is what I include in my presentations and I think all designers or anyone who needs to send concepts should use one nice PDF presentation. It shows your clients that you are professional and that you took the time to create an awesome presentation. They will appreciate the professionalism and how easy it is for them to decide on a final concept.

Plus! who doesn’t like to view a well thought out presentation! I know I do, but that could just be me as the computer nerd that I am.

If you have been sending your concepts as JPGs and your clients love them, than by all means keep doing it the way you been. No shame at all! I just love creating presentations and my clients seem to love them so I keep doing it! However, if you have been looking for a new way to present your concepts than a PDF presentation may be what you are looking for!

Don’t forget to subscribe to the library so you can download the FREE indesign presentation that I have for y’all.

Please comment below your thoughts on sending your clients PDF presentations instead of individual JPGs. Plus do you use Asana to send your clients your concepts? or another program? I’d love to know! so comment below :)


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