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How to organize blog post ideas with Asana.

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

When deciding on blog post ideas, it can sometimes be tough. However, when I do come up with one I like to write it down quickly so I don't forget. I'm sure you like to do the same.

I used to write my thoughts in my notebook, but I found it wasn't very useful since I never hardly had it with me. Eventually, the idea flew out of my mind. Now I'm sure I'm not the only one that comes up with great ideas only soon to have it wipe out from existence due to forgetting it.

It's devastating and a bit irritating. Am I right?

Now since I don't like to carry my notebook every where I go, I do have my awesome phone with me...always! Before using Asana, I would use either the notes app, notability, or even the zoho notebook app. I do love each app dearly and still use them for other things, but writing down my blog post ideas just didn't work for me. (it felt unorganized and cluttered. I didn't even know what post to start with, because I had so many of them listed.)

Ask yourself this...

Do you have so many blog post ideas right now in a very long list that you don't know where to start?

or maybe it's just all overwhelming you decided to just not deal with it right now.

Girl! I feel yeah! Which is why I started using Asana to organize all my post ideas.

It became so much easier! I am now able to organize each post within their blog category and set a task due date so I can give myself a deadline to write each post.

So do you want to know how to organize your post ideas with Asana?

of Course you do!

Watch video below...

Step by step tutorial below...

  1. You will want to start a new project and name it "blog post ideas" and have the project layout as a "board"

  2. Now! before we go any further, you will want to think of all your blog categories. (examples = blog tips, biz tips, social tips, tutorials)

  3. Create a new column for each category!

  4. When ever you think of post ideas make sure they fit into one of your blog categories!

so something like "How to automate emails with mailerlite" would go into my "blogging tips" category.

When you add your post ideas, you can also assign the "task" or post to yourself with a due date so you'll be reminded when it's time to write the post. This it totally optional though!

"When ever you think of blog post ideas make sure they fit into one of your

blog categories!" - Click to Tweet

That's a wrap! I really hope you found it helpful and decide to use Asana for you organization needs. It really helped me feel organize and I no longer write my ideas in my notebook. I recommend at least try Asana to see how it works for you!

Please let me know your thoughts on using Asana as an organization tool below. There are so many uses for this awesome app and I would love to know how you're using Asana.

Sending you love,



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