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How would you feel to have MORE time to work on your business AND put an end to worrying about design. No more spending HOURS trying to figure out design on your own. Let ME design for your business so YOU can concentrate on what you LOVE.


Your time is valuable! Don't waste it on

tasks you can avoid.

My clients did not create their business to be a Graphic Designer. They created it for their own passions and dreams.

You have a vision of less stress learning Illustrator, Indesign, or Canva and focusing on the strengths you already have.

We work together 1:1 to create personalize plans that will help you spend more time on your business.

Yoon Lee from Noree Chamber Soloists says...


Yoon Lee from Noree Chamber Soloists says...

Kristy's designs truly CAPTURED the image our organization wanted to convey. The way Kristy presented her ideas was also extremely PROFESSIONAL and all the board members were certainly IMPRESSED. ( When we asked for changes, she was very OPEN MINDED and QUICK. We love Kristy's artistry and professionalism.

As your designer

I will...

Use the standard tools to make your designs stand out. (Photoshop, illustrator, InDesign)

Create your designs with my knowledge of Balance, Type, Placement, and more of the design principles.

Provide consistency to your brand in ways that didn't cross your mind.

Organize all your design files so you can remain professional.

Update you on the current design trends so your business doesn't go out of style.

Keep you focus on your business and less on design with an offer that you can afford.

How does this Retainer program work?

An effective marketing strategy can help your business grow, but you need great designs for all your marketing materials. If you're not a designer, this can be stressful. However, hiring a designer on a monthly basis can relieve all that headache.


Here's how it works:



  • You pay a fixed fee per month

  • You're charged 25% deposit to book your spot.

  • You get a set number of hours or projects agreed upon both parties at a reduced hourly rate!

  • Payment is due on the first of each month and designs won't be made until payment is made. 

  • We work together on my Project Management Tool, Asana. You can add design requests on our asana board before each month.

  • Overage in time or additional projects that are not agreed upon will be billed at the standard hourly rate.

  • There is a 3-month commitment. This is just to be sure that the set amount of hours or projects are working as planned. At the end of the three months, we can re-evaluate the contract and even make a 6-12 month commitment.

  • You have to be a repeat client. If we haven't worked together before, lets first work on a logo or other design materials first.

  • Hours do not roll over each month. If there is any unused time, they will expire.

  • Projects are planned and prioritized at the beginning of each month.


Samples of Plan Prices

New Beginnings Retainer - $264 Per Month

Get up to 4 hours of design time each month, giving you a discount of over 10% of my normal hourly rate. This is perfect if you have a small budget and not a whole lot of design materials each month. Four hours is great for designing social media ads and graphics, icons, instagram story templates, simple typography (word in watercolor texture).

On the Way Up Retainer - $956 Per Month

Get up to 15 hours of design time each month, giving you a discount of 15% of my normal hourly rate. This is perfect if your business is established and finding itself on the way up to new ongoing monthly design needs. Fifteen hours is great for designing logos for new products/services, print ads/fliers, ebook covers, editing photography.

Master Biz Owner Retainer - $1800 Per Month

Get up to 30 hours of design time each month, giving you a discount of 20% off of my normal hourly rate. This is perfect if you're a busy boss with clients coming in

and out; leaving you with no time at all for the extra monthly design needs. Thirty hours is great for designing logos for new products/services, brochures, program books, ebooks, course graphics or icons, website or blog graphics, and more.

If you don't make a change,

there will be no change.

Its your time now to FOCUS on your business. NOT Design!

Schedule your FREE call today!

Then, we will work together to create that personalize plan

that will benefit you and your budget.

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