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I just wanted to give you a big, warm welcome and tell you I am so excited to begin working on your project! I promise to give you my very best work, but in order to do that I need a little help from you. This page will tell you exactly what I need you to do before the project begins and provide you with a few tips and tricks to help you help ME design my best work yet for your amazing BUSINESS. Because guess what? You deserve it.


On this page you’ll find:


  1. A few boundaries I like my clients and I to stick to during the project.

  2. A detailed look at my design process, so you’re always kept in the loop and know what’s happening next.

  3. The homework I need you to complete and the files I need from you before your project begins.

  4. A quick 2 minute video that’ll teach you how to use my project management system throughout the design process.

  5. A little info on our deadlines and my payment policy.

  6. Some easy guidelines to help you provide really helpful feedback on your designs.

  7. A list of some frequently asked questions my clients ask me.

  8. And lastly, a look at what happens next after you’ve handed in your homework.

You just made the BEST decision to invest in a professional design. But I know you may be feeling nervous about that decision.


I want to assure you that you have nothing to feel nervous about.


Professional Graphic design makes you look and feel like a pro in your industry. It converts more email subscribers on your website. It converts more customers and clients and it helps those clients and customers TRUST your Business more.


Here’s a quick look at the before and afters of a Business I recently redesigned.





In my clients own words, here's the impact this redesign has had on them.


What they Said! >


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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