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How Mailerlite is the perfect Email Marketing Software

Mailerlite is the email marketing software that I currently and will always use for sending automated emails and getting new subscribers. In my opinion, Mailerlite is the easiest and cheapest email marketing software right now.

When I first started my design business, I was searching for an email marketing software; because as you know a mailing list is very important to have in a business. I first found Mailchimp and signed up, but in my opinion it just felt complicated. As soon as I found out I couldn’t do automated emails, I left fairly quickly. I didn’t have any subscribers so I wasn’t going to pay to upgrade my features. When I found Mailerlite, I was instantly hooked. Keep reading to find out why.

How mailerlite is the perfect email marketing software

Free Features

One of the main reasons I went with Mailerlite was how there is so many awesome features you get with the free version. Yeah you only get 1,000 subscribers, but I know it will be a while before I get that amount and for now it is a perfect number to start with.

Unlike other email marketing software, two of the same email counts as one subscriber. It’s pretty incredible that Mailerlite is able to detect that and I don’t have to worry about it.

mailchimp vs mailerlite

Support System and Guides

If you ever have any issues with Mailerlite, they are just an email away for free. I know Mailchimp requires a paid upgrade in order to contact them through email. You only get 30 days of support for free. However, with Mailerlite I will always have support through email if I ever were to need it. Also, before I forget, you can also check out their blog or the “Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing” if you want answers to an issue fast.


Automation or in the words of Mailerlite, “workflows,” you can easily create welcome email series or an email course for free. Their drag and drop platform make’s everything seem so seamless. You can create surveys, or add a link that moves subscribers to a certain category.

After a while, you’re even able to look at the statistics to see how well your email series is doing. Definitely something to take an advantage of to gain more subscribers.

Landing page, opt-in forms, and GDPR

If you’re wanting to create a landing page, better opt-in forms or worried about how they incorporate GDPR. They are excellent in those features too! The landing page templates are stunning and you can easily create opt-in forms. Just change the colors to your branding colors. Oh! And yes you can even add GDPR to stay legal. Below is a picture of one of my opt-in forms and how Mailerlite lets you choose GDPR.

All in all, Mailerlite is my top recommendation for any email marketing software. They have beautiful templates and creating them is a breeze. If I ever need to upgrade to 5,000 subscribers at least I know I can do that for $30/mth verses $50 for mailchimp.

My favorite feature about Mailerlite is the easy and FREE multi step email workflows/automations. It is not complicated and if I ever need any support they're always an email message away for free.

Have you tried mailerlite? What did you think of their features? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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