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How to create interactive pdfs with indesign

Before we start, if you are not sure what interactive pdfs are for, they're great to use so your clients, friends or even relatives can fill out forms without actually printing the document. It is extremely handy that I feel I should write a blog post to show you how to create these types of documents.

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Why Use Indesign?

I know there are other ways you can create interactive pdfs, but I feel InDesign is the most simplest way in creating these documents. Once you start using the program, It's hard not to use it. You however may or may not like InDesign, but I think it doesn't hurt to give InDesign a chance. I believe that after watching my video, you'll like how Indesign makes it simple to create an interactive pdf.

Here's the Video...

I hope you found the video very educating. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me in the comments below.

Isn't there an offer for your InDesign Course?

Yes there is!! Actually this video you just watch was a little taste of a lesson straight from my indesign course on Skillshare.

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Is there a catch?

No Catch! I am offering a FREE ENROLLMENT LINK to my Indesign course for a limited time. All you have to do is sign up for my mailing list and you'll get the free enrollment link sent to your inbox. The link will be only available to you for a limited time so you'll want to sign up for my mailing list asap to get this incredible offer.

When does the link expire?

The free enrollment link will expire on April 17th 2018

However, once you enroll into the course you will have access to the course even after April 17th.

Can I see the course now?

Here is a link to my course Here

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Have any questions or comments about creating Interactive pdfs or about my new course? Comment below!!

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