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What is Branding?

Branding is a word that’s got many people questioning it, because without it most businesses fail to thrive.

Which is why your branding has to be well thought out before even starting your business.

If you already started your business, it is not too late to rebrand if you feel your business could use a rebrand.

Basically, branding is what you stand for. It is your image and the promise you make to your

audience. It is how people perceive you and remember you both by your competitors and audience.

Branding will bring you to the top and separate you from the rest of your competitors. It will help you stand out. You want to think of branding as the golden path to a successful business in your field or niche.

You want to think of branding as the golden path to a successful business in your field or niche. --> "Click to Tweet"

Why do I say that?

When you think of your favorite place to eat or shop, you think of their brand.

The first thing you think of could be their logo, colors or maybe an emotion you got when you first seen or stepped foot in their shop.

That is what a brand does. It makes you feel like they’re an actual person or a personality. Which is why so many brand strategists tell you to think of a person when creating your brand strategy.

Take Coca-Cola for instance...

So many people know it and own a product of it. What’s really wonderful is even people who don’t drink Coca-Cola love their brand. They love the powerful cursive red writing. The family-oriented, calming, and friendly vibe their always giving off. Which is also part of their persona that helps with their “Share a Coke” campaign. The campaign lets their audience buy cokes that have the audiences name on them or write their own name on the bottle. It shows how family-oriented and friendly they actually are. The campaign helped with more sales, because lets be honest who wouldn’t buy a soda with their name on it?

The Coca-Cola red is great for restaurants to use as it makes us crave for more. It makes our heart race and promotes excitement. Which is why Coca-Cola is such a powerful brand and why every one of us owns some type of Coca-Cola product.

People love and remember Coca-Cola because of their image and message.

They love their personality.

So if you’re struggling with your business right now or trying to start one, I want you to really start with your brand strategy. It’s the key to success.

You have to really feel your brand deeply. Change your mindset as if you’re the customer. What does that ideal customer want? What personality and message do they want?

Grasp that personality and make it shine through your whole brand.

Soon your audience will see it and want to hear your message. They will own a piece of you right next to their Coca-Cola product.

So don’t give up! Keep thriving for that dream business of yours.

Keep learning as much as you can, even if you are seeing growth lately. For Instance, you are a nutrition coach and got your degree in nutrition. It is still a good idea to keep on learning. Find more courses online and/or buy many books about nutrition. It will help because you will stay updated with the times, and won’t forget any valuable information. When you learn everything you can about something you love, it will help you decide on your brand and allow you to help your audience as much as you can.

Learning starts with learning your brand strategy and identity so follow along on my blog for future branding information or subscribe to my podcast, “Branding Adventure Podcast.”

Questions for Discussion:

01. What is one thing you want to learn more about branding?

02. What is the one thing that you really love and that motivates you to keep moving?

03. What are some things you can do to help you keep on learning more about what you love?

Please write your answers in the comments below!

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